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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Writers Beware -- Join the Write/Right Sites for Feedback

There are hundreds of writing sites out there that allow for  feedback, critiques of your work, and allow you to critique others' writing. Since when did writers decide to critique one's profile? As we say in NY,
give me a break! That's going a little overboard, right? Well, I won't mention the site but I will not promote it either.
Instead, I would suggest that when joining a website that is a writers' forum, make sure you are comfortable there and make sure people are welcoming. If not, leave it! It's that simple. There are others which will be extremely supportive. You just have to find them. You may be a newbie to the site but not a neophyte when it comes to writing. While all writers, even seasoned writers, can benefit from constructive critiques, it would help if the writing sites helped newbies to the sites get adjusted before people started critiquing early attempts at getting a profile together.
I previously suggested http://www.mykuworld.com/ for poetry on this blog. That's a good site for practicing poetry and getting involved with other poets.
I'll be searching for other sites. In the meantime, we've formed an email chain on Examiner.com. There are about 20 of us in this self-made group. We don't always email each other, but when we do, it's usually very supportive. We read and comment on each other's articles. I wish I had time to comment on everyone's articles but the truth is I just don't. I always appreciate when people comment on mine and I understand if they're too busy to do so. In any event, the message here is to search for a supportive writers' group and if you feel uncomfortable in any particular group, leave it. There will be others that can take its place.
Writers need support in this sometimes quiet and lonely profession. If people are not supportive, there is no reason to stay. We can take critiques if they're done constructively, but if they're mean-spirited, there's nothing constructive about it.
I've found that many people are supportive, but one or two of them have nothing better to do than critique as if they had a red pen in their hand. What have they ever published? Find out if you can. Generally speaking, you may be surprised to find that the answer is --- NOTHING. :)
Take their comments with a grain of salt and move on. Don't even waste time thinking about their suggestions. They're not the authority of your written work -- you are.
I hope you find a supportive site, and if you know of any, please feel free to volunteer that information.

All the best,

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