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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Why I Wrote My Children's Book Goodbye Monsters, or Why We Write Books

Everyone has some story to tell even if they don't know it. I wrote Goodbye Monsters for my two children who were afraid of the monsters in the room. My son was five years old and my daughter was two years old. They were both afraid of the monsters in the bedroom and wanted me to search the room for them to kill any monsters that were hiding there.

My son needed to keep a toy cowboy gun under his bed to soothe his fears, but first he asked me to check the entire room for him. He eventually kept a baseball bat under his bed and one day he got rid of that too, not needing anything under the bed.

My daughter was still scared and needed something soothing. I wrote Goodbye Monsters for her but I also was inspired by what my son went through so the book was dedicated to both kids. I would rock my daughter and read my Goodbye Monsters  text to her while I rocked her. I wrote the text in lyrical, rhyming verse which was soothing and also had rhyming sounds that she could hear. This was many years ago. My daughter is now twenty five years old. I had written the text but hadn't decided what I wanted to go along with it.

I wanted to call my text Once Upon a Monster but by the time I was ready to have my book published, Sesame Street had, in the meantime, come out with an video called Once Upon a Monster with an interactive book. While it's acceptable to have books with the same name, even though I may have thought of the name first, I hadn't copyrighted it and I didn't want to compete with Sesame Street even though theirs was a video. I decided it was best to change the title.

Next I needed an illustrator. I found one in my Facebook group called Ronnas Unite! It is a group of women from all over the world with the name Ronna. One of the Ronnas is a graphic artist but can draw and illustrate anything. We decided to work together and the finished book has her artwork in it. I wanted a book written by a Ronna and illustrated by a Ronna, something unique.

The reviews on Amazon are great. My children aren't the only ones who love the book, I'm told. I'm excited about how this book is being received and how the story turned into a book from childhood fears. This book was written not only to help my children but because there was a story that came to me. I saw it as a great opportunity to soothe my children while letting them listen to the words. I also wanted to introduce them to a new concept, to wit, that mom can write and that I seized the day and did it.


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